INFORMATION – Extended Warranty – Frank Rafter

I  have a 2014 Corvette that the initial warranty expires in April 2017. I had inquired at Estero Bay Chevrolet about a new extended warranty and found that the cost was extremely high. The main reason for the high cost is that the state of Florida considers a warranty program to be an insurance policy, thus it is controlled by the State of Florida Insurance agencies. In Florida you also have a 6% sales tax added to the cost.

Doing some research I found a Chevrolet dealer in Billings Montana that has the GMEPP program at a very reasonable cost. Just to give you and example a $0.00 deductible, 84 month, 100,000 mile program cost was $2730.00. A 60 month $0.00 deductible 50,000 mile program at Estero Bay was $3100.00 plus 6% sales tax ($3286.00). Needless to say I bought the program from the dealer in Montana.
Info on the Dealer:
Dennis Fichtner (Finance Manager)
Denny Memholt Chevrolet
Billings Montana
Phone # 406-896-3082 (office) or 406-896-6355 (cell)

Thank you Letter from Ferrari Clubcars on 5th

Dear Glenn,

Thank you for your support of Cars on 5th.  Thanks to you, Cars on 5th has raised a record amount of money for St. Matthew’s House.  The people come to see the great cars and were so supportive this year.  We are expecting that the total amount of money raised on behalf of all of the clubs for St.  Matthew’s House will be in excess of $200,000.  This year, we believe the crowds exceeded all prior records and we had more than 575 cars in the show and had to turn down nearly 700 great cars that wanted to display.  We continue to look for ways to improve the show for everyone.  Thanks again.

 Thank you for your support of Cars on 5th and St. Matthew’ssT MATTHEW