September 22, 2017 – September 24, 2017 all-day
Palm Island Resort
Linda Ustica

All Club Members

At last night’s Corvette meeting, I asked for everyone’s interest in going to Palm Island Resort for our Club Sept. trip (9/22-9/24)  and we had an overwhelming positive response.  I have attached information about the resort, as well as the special pricing we will get as a group.  The difference between standard/deluxe & superior, is location and age of the villa (some may be dated).  As I explained last night, we have to take a ferry to the private island (holds 8 cars at a time and there are 2 ferrys) – the trip takes all of 5 minutes – then we drive to a big parking area and the resort sends staff on golf carts to take us and our luggage to the villas.  No cars on the island, but we can rent golf carts that hold 4 for $45 for a 24 hrs. period.  Can also rent bicycles for a day for $10.

I will be visiting the resort before the next meeting and would like to have an approximate count of how many villas to reserve.  Once they block off the amount we request, everyone can call directly to book their villa.  I am hoping to get as many villas together, maybe around one of the pools.  I will give you more info at the next meeting.

So if you can please email me prior to April 20th – and let me know the following:

Are you interested in booking a one, two or three bedroom villa.

  1.  Are you interested in booking a one, two or three bedroom villa.
  2. If you answered two or three bedroom, do you already know who you will be sharing with (if so – who?), or do you want me to match you up with one or two other couples?
  3. Are you interested in standard, deluxe or superior?  Or, doesn’t matter as long as you’re with our group.

I am so happy so many of you are interested – I think this is ideal for our club and I’m sure we will all really enjoy this.

Thanks in advance for your replies

Linda Ustica

Email Link: jvla2002vette@comcast.net 

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