Calendar of Events
April 3rd
C.O.N. Monthly Meeting
April 6th
Corvettes of Naples Seafood Festival @ Don & Jane Colapietro’s House
10575 Shangri La Rd. Bonita Sprg. Fl.
Bring your favorite covered dish.
Will eat about 1:00 pm get there about 11:30 am
April 20th
April 26th

NCCC National Governors Meeting
St. Louis, Mo.

May 1st

C.O.N. Next Monthly Meeting

May 4th
C.O.N. NCCC Low Speed Auto Cross
May 4th

C.O.N. NCCC Autocross at the Three Palms Speedway (in Punta Gorda) (the old Punta Gorda Speedway)

May 11th
Mothers Day
May 17th
Augustine Low Speed Autocross
June 1st
Florida Regional NCCC Meeting Kissimmee
June 5th
C.O.N. Monthly Meeting
June 14th
World Golf Village Car Show in St. Augustine
June 15th
Fathers Day
June 21st
St. Augustine, Fl. NCCC Low Speed Auto cross
July 3rd
C.O.N. Monthly Meeting
July 19th

Corvette Show at the Semminole Casino in Immokallee 4pm-7-pm with a FREE Food voucher and a FREE $10.00 voucher to gamble.

August 7th
C.O.N. Monthly Meeting
August 25th-29th

NCCC National Corvette Conv. in Savannah, Ga.  (We will be leaving the area on Sat. March 23). More info to follow.

September 4th
C.O.N. Monthly Meeting
September 13th

NCCC National Gov. Meeting (in St. Louis, Mo.)

September 19th
Possible Date for C.O.N. Summer Trip
September 27th

NCCC Auto Cross in St. Augustine, Fl.

September 28th

Region NCCC Meeting (Kissimmee, Fl.)

October 2nd
C.O.N. Monthly Meeting
October 18th & 19th
St. Augustine Low Speed Autocross
November 2nd
C.O.N. Monthly Meeting
November 8th

NCCC National Governors Meeting in St. Louis, Mo.

November 15th

NCCC Low Speed Autocross in St. Augustine, Fl.

November 22nd & 23rd

NCCC Low Speed Autocross ikn St. Augustine, Fl.

November 29th

NCCC Hig Speed Autocross at the Robeling Road Track in Ga.

December 4th
C.O.N. Monthly Meeting
December 5th-7th
C.O.N. 3 Day Christmas Party
December 14th

Florida Regional NCCC Meeting in Kissimmee, Fl.@ the Ramada Gateway Hotel.




Corvettes of Naples, 2904 SE 5th Place, Cape Coral, Florida 33904 Tel: (239) 910-2027